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Milestones and Transitions

We’ve not posted an episode in seven weeks, but there are good reasons for that. Each of the presenters has significant life events to report–some heartbreaking, some joyful, some painful but necessary. As always, these transitions bring up intriguing ethical dilemmas, cultural observations, or positive notes which we discuss in this episode.

About the Podcast

Ethics and Etiquette is a thought-provoking dialogue about everyday dilemmas. Join this weekly, scenario-driven conversation as we examine several ethical predicaments, break down the behaviors and rationalizations, and offer practical suggestions to sort them out. Our insights and perspectives will encourage you to scrutinize the sticky situations in your life and exercise your own ethical muscles.

Podcast Team

Marna Ashburn

In 2009, Marna Ashburn purchased the domain name “” intending to construct a conversation about ethical behavior and civility around it. With Mike and Kelly’s help, the podcast is now a reality. Author of four published books and numerous articles, Marna also taught writing at the university level for ten years. She was on active duty in the Army for five years after college, and then was a military spouse for twenty years. Her website about military family life and her blog are available at

Kelly Halligan Zimmerman

Kelly Halligan Zimmerman is a practicing Virginia attorney. She has substantial experience in commercial transactions and customer negotiations and has also litigated in state and federal trial and appellate courts involving contract, corporate, criminal, employment, and real estate matters. She and her husband, Mark, are the parents of three children. Kelly was a college volleyball scholarship athlete and loves sports, especially women’s athletics and the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies. She’s excited to join Marna and Mike in discussing and debating ethics and etiquette, particularly since in today’s hectic, technology-reliant society, it can be easy to lose track of right and wrong and how to treat others with kindness, respect and dignity.

Mike Derrick

Mike Derrick lives in the Champlain Valley of New York State. He is retired from the U.S. Army, has worked at the U.S. Department of State, and ran for the U.S. Congress in 2016. After 35 years around the world, serving during two wars, he now lives in the town where he grew up. With his wife Kathy, he’s currently building furniture and working on a book about parenting (they have four children!) He’s seen the “good, bad, and indifferent” when it comes to living with integrity in many walks of life, and is now very ready to help develop this discussion.





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